We have successfully run retreats and workshops, facilitated by Swami Sankalpananda Saraswati (Wendy Vermeulen), for just over half a decade! We specialise in small group events in order to cater to all participants and tailor the sessions to your needs.  Our event topics range from; yoga, meditation and mindfulness, to general fitness, anatomy and fascia, to health, wellness and life coaching.

Swami Sankalpananda is an internationally qualified Yoga and Pilates instructor, personal trainer and life coach with close to 30 years’ experience in the wellness sector. Sankalpananda regularly collaborates with her talented peers within the industry to bring you up to date, educational and motivating sessions.

Sankalpananda and team also run workshops and retreats for private and corporate groups of various sizes. Our sessions are great for; groups of friends (or family), sports and hobby teams, as well as corporate groups wanting a wellness boost.

CONTACT US NOW  Or see our 2017 Evolve Retreats Schedule below:

2018 Retreat Schedule

  • Inner Balance Retreat,
    18th – 20th May 2018 , Aio Wira Retreat Centre
  • Winter Radiance Retreat, 27th – 29th July 2018, Aio Wira
  • Evolve Day Retreats (Dates tbc for 2018)

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