After many years of teaching, mentoring and facilitating events, Swami Sankalpananda has developed the Evolve Online Yoga Study. This 6 week course has been designed to further your understanding of yoga both of a physical and mental and esoteric level.

During our sessions, we’ll discuss the anatomy of the body and how that relates to your postures. We will examine some of the key postures of yoga, why we do them, correct movement and possible modifications you could make if needed. Each week we’ll look at a pranayama (breathing) practice and discuss benefits and ‘how to’s’. An introduction to meditation will be included with ancient and simple practices to apply.

You’ll finish the 6 week Evolve Online Yoga Study with a deeper understanding of yoga. Allowing you to have a solid personal practice to work with, and if you are considering doing a teacher training program, this course is a great ‘prequel’ to give you the advantage of a sound base knowledge of true yoga.

Evolve Online Yoga Study

“Sankalpa was a beautiful, insightful, engaging teacher, providing a great depth of knowledge and understanding in a short amount of time, infusing within me a passion to pursue my yoga journey more deeply. I love how she covered all aspects of training from anatomical knowledge, to the physical, mental and spiritual benefits. I definitely recommend the yoga study group to anyone wanting to increase their depth of knowledge or prepare for yoga teacher training.”

Kat, Evolve Online Yoga Study participant July/Aug 2017

Who is this course for?

An essential course to build the foundations and confidence for anyone considering a teacher training program. This course is also highly recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their own personal yoga practice and gain confidence within themselves.

Location and time

Online Via Zoom
Two time slots available 12:30PM – 2:30PM OR 6:00PM – 8:00PM (All times are NZST)

What if I miss a session?

Recorded sessions will be available to review or catch up.


6 week course – $ 580 per person 
Via Direct Debt

What is included in my investment?

The Evolve Online Yoga Study  6 week course includes:

  • 6 x 2 hour sessions (either in studio or via ZOOM)
  • Workbook;
  • Weekly sadhana to work with;
  • Closed Facebook group support;
  • Certificate of attendance, as well as possible references for those wanting to apply for a full teacher training program.

Who will be facilitating this event?

Swami Sankalpananda (Wendy Vermeulen), is an internationally qualified Yoga and Pilates instructor, personal trainer and life coach with 30 years’ experience in wellness, fitness and mindfulness training. Sankalpananda also teaches anatomy on Yoga teacher training courses, runs regular retreats and facilitates workshops.

 Course Schedule* 

*Consists of three parts; Anatomy or movement, Pranayama and Meditation. Schedule below is a base outline and topics are subject to change between course dates based on how participant progress.

Week 1

  • Anatomy: Skeletal system
  • Asana: posture and joints
  • Pranayama: Yogic and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Meditation: Chittakasha

Week 2

  • Anatomy: Core
  • Asana: abnominal strengthening and energy boosters
  • Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana
  • Meditation: Body scanning and Chittakasha  part 2

Week 3

  • Anatomy: glutes hamstrings
  • Asana: extensions
  • Pranayama: Breath balancing pose
  • Meditation: Inverted V

Week 4

  • Anatomy: Back and shoulders
  • Asana: spine mobility
  • Pranayama: Bandhas
  • Meditation: Inverted V part 2

Week 5

  • Anatomy: Hip Flexors
  • Asana: hip openers and balance
  • Pranayama: Base and throat lock/retention
  • Meditation: Inverted V part 3

Week 6

  • Anatomy: Chest and tris
  • Asana: sun salutations
  • Pranayama: Locks, Inverted v so hum Chittakasha  part 3
  • Meditation: recap

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