Do you confidently know how to “read” the body?Did you know that a lot of pain experienced is felt in the fascia? That fascia has a higher sensory nerve innervation than muscle? How are the hip flexors, diaphragm and neck muscles related to stress? Why are Yoga poses so effective for fascia release work?

In this workshop we take a close look at Fascia but also the anatomy as a whole. As a teacher or PT this will enable you to become more effective in class structure, postural analysis, understanding movement synergy and ‘seeing’ imbalances. Not only beneficial for teachers, this session is for anyone who wants to understand how their anatomy works, improve their practice, daily living and recieve the tools to be able to correct imbalances within your own body.

Topics we’ll look at:

– How to “read” the body
– Understanding anatomy trains
– Seeing “imbalances” and correcting them with yoga postures
– The fascia – whay it looks like & how it works
– How to strengthen and release it
– How fascia relates to the energy body
– How to create a ‘fascia focused’ class
– How to use props to stimulate the fascia
– Why some people experience ongoing unexplained pain
– Where to focus and what the common ‘sticky’points are in the body
– The relationship between fascia and youthfulness
– And much more…

This will be a experiential as well as theory focused session which will leave you with a new look at the human body in movement.
A must for all Yoga, Pilates and movement teachers and students as well as anyone wanting to empower their own practice.

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Fascia and anatomy workshop

$120 per person

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