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One-Oneness-Unity “Uncountable. State of being or ‘undivided”

I love that. Unity, undivided. Whole, complete. Connected. All that is. Beautiful. I love that about yoga. Yoga, means Union. To unite. To yolk. Blend, be at one.

This month we investigate oneness in our practice and existence. On and off the mat. 

We are multi dimensional beings. This physical body can make it feel as if there is separation between us and everything else. As if there is an outside, a separate to us. And there is of course. There is physical boundary between me and another, between me and the physical world around me. But on a more subtle level there is no separation. Not any. Not between me and you, between me and my animals, between me and the chair I’m sitting on. It’s all energy, vibration.

From a quantum point of view everything is energy vibrating. Different things just vibrate at different frequencies. But it still all vibrates and resonates. We ‘feel’ this vibration and we can become more sensitive to this awareness. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are always affected by subtle energies around you. (And not so subtle)

We accept that sound is energy. A frequency vibrating which our ears pick up and translate into sound. But we are picking up and translation so much more. How often have you used terms like, ‘there’s a weird vibe here’ or ‘I get a strange feeling about this’, gut feeling. What is that? Where do we ‘feel’ that?

Our thoughts and emotions are also energy. Energy of thoughts can be measures about 50cm or more outside of the head! That’s not directly onto the brain but outside the head, 50cm or more. The vibration travels in the energy field around the person. The energy field around a person can be measured and dramatic charges and changes occur when certain emotions are felt. 

I am sure you have ‘felt’ that before. Especially around someone you are close to, connected to. You can feel when they think something. You may just all of a sudden turn to them and say ‘what?’ And they will say, ‘I didn’t say anything’, ‘you don’t have to’. You have picked it up in their energy. Or when words are spoken but you can ‘feel’ that is not the real truth. 

When we feel fear, anxiety, worry, anger, it radiates out sends it into the field. Even if we appear happy, or act pleasant, the vibration is there. That vibration is your contribution to the universal field. The global, universal connection. It is also your point of attraction. Attracting more of that frequency. Everything that vibrates at that level can ‘find’ you. 

Once again we are so blessed to have the gift of Yoga in our toolkit to navigate our way through this lifetime. Through yoga we can check in with our physical bodies and address any niggles and aches and become aware of any holding on or manifesting we may be doing. We can then also raise our pranic energy, raise our vitality. Just that alone helps lift our mood. Enhance our wellbeing and allow us to connect easily to higher frequency emotions.

Through meditation we can become aware of our ‘stuff’ our conditioning. Learn to respond instead of react to situation. We can develop our ability to ‘hear’ our inner voice. Our deeper truths. And we can expand and consciously access the field. Get beyond ourselves and expand. Consciously create. Our emotions, our responses, our desires, our energy vibration, our attraction point. Create the day/life you want to experience.

When we each take responsibility for our own frequency, our contribution to the field, we can on a larger scale make a dramatic impact on our lives. On the lives of our loved ones and people who we connect with and ultimately on the global, universal community. It’s our contribution to change.

 As Gandhi said, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

This month (July 16) we have a great theme of Oneness, connection. 

Wendy Vineeta Vermeulen
July, 2016