Swami Sankalpananda Saraswati loves sharing what she has learnt over her many years of study and practice. Discussing the topics of yoga, meditation, creating the life you want and so much more are certainly Sankalpas forte. If you’re interested in any of the below topics, we’d love for you to join our webinars. Send us an email for logins or more details.


Introduction to Meditation 

You’ve heard all about meditation and the benefits. You may have even tried a few techniques but just don’t get what it’s about.¬†

Maybe you’ve been doing your meditation practices but still feel frustrated that your thoughts are running the show. Or maybe you want to delve deeper into your current practice and want to discover how the brain waves and brain activity affect your meditations experience.

If you identify with any of the above and want to discuss the different aspect of meditation, join us for our upcoming ‘introduction to mediation’ webinar.

Creating Your Reality 

We’ll look at understanding the universal field. We’ll look at our multi dimensional selves and what that means. How we can affect our energy field and how that in turn affects the field around us. How to resonate with what you truly desire and how to literally create the life you want.


Next sessions dates tbc. All times are NZST

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